01.La Mer(Original Mix)/Valid Evidence

02.Moon Drop(Original Mix)/Genuine Fakes

03.I Like Chopin-Japanese Edition(Chillustration Mix)/Valid Evidence

04.As We Are(Original Mix)

05.Approaching My Consciousness(Original Mix)/Eddie Silverton

06.Deep In(Original Paradise Edit)/The Loony Tunes

07.Random Factor(Jay Tripwire Remix)/Jay Tripwire,Hot Station

08.A Dream Within A Dream(Sasha Kaktus Remix)/Valid Evidence,Sasha Kaktus

09.Inori(Original Mix)/Hideout

10.Sassy Inhabitant(Original Mix)/Ethereal Sounds

11.Onegai Zutto(All The More Guitar Edit)/Hot Station

12.Because Of You(Claes Rosen Vocal Remix Edit/Claes Rosen,Genuine Fakes

(19BOX RECORDINGS02011/07/11)

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